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  • How to make Chainmail!
  • Armour Walkthrough: BRASS AVENTAIL
  • Adventures with Aluminium!
  • Visiting Armchair Armory/The Orcs Planet
  • Product Spotlight: Virtuous Pendants
  • Adding contractions to chainmail.
  • Adding expansions to chainmail.
  • How to make Ringmail!
  • Armchair Armourer's Log: Stardate 02.2021
  • Hyrst Hall Cloak Clasps: Inside the Workshop.
  • LARP kit tutorials! Woven leather bracers.
  • Things you should know before sleeping out of character at LARP
  • LARPCON 2021 Live Action Role Play Meet and Kit
  • Empire LARP - New Player Reverse Q&Aish
  • Futuristic Armoury

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