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  • Panzer Corps 2 Review - HERR ARMCHAIR GENERAL
  • This New WW2 Strategy Game Will Wear Out Your Voice! Radio General
  • Backstabbing the Armchair General
  • Our New Game FULLY Released! Fire & Maneuver
  • Team Armchair General Plays Board Game Online
  • 5 cultured games for armchair generals
  • Armchair General #10: Shadow War: Armageddon, The Termination Conjecture
  • Rich - Armchair General Part 1
  • Armchair General #9: Shogun/Samurai Swords/Ikusa, The Assassination Query
  • Let's Play Strategy & Tactics Dark Ages - Part 1 - Armchair General!
  • #DOScember Gaming: Fantasy General by SSI on the Pentium Pro 200 MHz and Windows 95 with MS-DOS Mode
  • Empire State Games - Armchair General
  • Armchair General #5: Ottoman Sunset, The Dardanelles Experiment
  • The Armchair General MESBG Minas Tirith The Brothers Take Osgiliath
  • War in Ukraine Summarized 2022 | Animated History

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